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E. Gröller, A. Diehl et al.:
"Visual Trend Analysis in Weather Forecast";
Poster: IEEE VIS Week 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (invited); 2013-10-13 - 2013-10-18.

English abstract:
Weather conditions affect multiple aspects of human life such as economy, safety, security, and social activities. Weather forecast significantly influences decision and policy making, construction planning, productivity, and environmental risk management. Visualization of weather conditions and trends assists the anticipation of unexpected meteorological events and thus helps with appropriate actions and mitigation systems to minimize the impact of them on human life and activities. In this work, we propose an interactive approach for visual analysis of weather trends and forecast errors in short-term weather forecast simulations. Our solution consists of a multi-aspect system that provides different methods to visualize and analyze multiple runs, time-dependent data, and forecast errors. A key contribution of this work is the comparative visualization technique that allows users to analyze possible weather trends and patterns. We illustrate the usage of our approach with a case study designed and validated in conjunction with domain experts.

Interactive Visual Analysis, Comparative Visualization, Weather Forecast Research

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