O. König, G. Gregorčič, S. Jakubek:
"Model predictive control of a DC-DC converter for battery emulation";
Control Engineering Practice, 21 (2013), 4; S. 428 - 440.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A battery emulator is used instead of a real traction battery to supply an electric motor inverter on a test bed for hybrid and electric powertrains under deterministic conditions. The use of virtual battery models eliminates the need for expensive battery prototypes. Virtual battery properties such as chemistry, state of charge or state of health can be changed instantly. However, the control of a battery emulator is a challenging problem. Very fast reference tracking is required for battery impedance emulation but motor inverters act as constant power loads that have a negative influence on the tracking performance and can even lead to instability. In this paper an MPC strategy is proposed for solving this problem. Scheduling of local controllers is utilized in order to handle the nonlinear and destabilizing load. Furthermore, a fast algorithm is presented that allows real-time MPC subject to input and output constraints. Experimental results obtained with a battery emulator supplying an electric drive inverter demonstrate the performance of the stabilizing controller.

Traction battery emulation; Hybrid powertrain testing; Model predictive control; Battery model; Stability; Real time systems

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