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T. Wolbank, P. Macheiner, M. Vogelsberger:
"Module 4.3: High Dynamic Drives - Motion Control";
in series "Short Manuals for Distance Laboratories of PEMCWebLab", series editor: P. Bauer, V. Fedak, O. Vitek; PEMC WebLab.com, 2008, ISBN: 978-80-7204-625-6.

English abstract:
The Laboratory of Module 4.3 described in the following is intended to teach students the interactions of power converter, AC machine and mechanical system. The central hardware used is a two axes positioning system consisting of two linear axes one mounted on top of the other each driven by a AC synchronous machine. In order to concentrate on the fundamental structure of field oriented control, permanent magnet synchronous machines are used. The control of the system consists of a cascaded structure with an inner current control loop, and outer speed and positioning control loops. All control structures are predefined in the system to avoid time-consuming and frustrating debugging of mathematical calculations by the students. The task of the students is thus to identify the system stepwise by performing the experiments and to tune the different control loops for good overall performance.

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