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S. Nastic, S. Sehic, M. Vögler, H. Truong, S. Dustdar:
"PatRICIA - a Novel Programming Model for IoT Applications on Cloud Platforms";
Talk: IEEE 6th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications, SOCA 2013, Kauai, Hawaii; 2013-12-16 - 2013-12-18; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE 6th International Conference on Service‐Oriented Computing and Applications, SOCA 2013", IEEE, (2013), ISBN: 978-1-4799-2701-2; 53 - 60.

English abstract:
Cloud computing technologies have recently been intensively exploited for the development and management of large-scale IoT systems, due to their capability to integrate diverse types of IoT devices and to support big IoT data analytics in an elastic manner. However, due to the diversity, complexity and scale of IoT systems, the need to handle large volumes of IoT data in a nontrivial manner, and the plethora of domaindependent IoT controls, programming IoT applications on cloud platforms still remains a great challenge. To date, existing work neglects high-level programming models and focuses on lowlevel IoT data and device integration. In this paper, we outline PatRICIA, which aims at providing an end-to-end solution for high-level programming and provisioning of IoT applications
on cloud platforms. We present a novel programming model, based on the concept of intent and intent scope. Further, we introduce its runtime for dealing with the complexity, diversity and scale of IoT systems in the cloud. Our programming model defines abstractions to enable easier, efficient and more intuitive development of cloud-scale IoT applications. To illustrate our programming model, we present a case study with real-world applications for controlling and managing electric vehicles.

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