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W. Sunindyo, T Moser, D. Winkler, R. Mordinyi:
"Project Progress and Risk Monitoring in Automation Systems Engineering";
Talk: 5th Software Quality Days, Vienna; 2013-01-15 - 2013-01-17; in: "Software Quality - Increasing Value in Software and Systems Development - Proc. SWQD 2013", Springer, 133 (2013), ISBN: 978-3-642-35701-5; 30 - 54.

English abstract:
Current Automation Systems Engineering (ASE) projects consist of heterogeneous engineering workflows for managing processes that are executed in different engineering fields, e.g., mechanical, electrical, or software engineering. Project managers and engineers typically create and use their own specific engineering workflows for managing objects across the borders of heterogeneous engineering fields, such as development artifacts, change requests or signals. Major challenges in the context of addressing risk awareness for engineering workflow validation are the unawareness regarding risks of other project stakeholders and limited scalability of risk estimation approaches. In this paper, we propose the Engineering Service Bus (EngSB) framework for flexible and efficient object change management processes and risk-aware engineering workflow validation. The object change management here means the management of signal changes in an industry showcase. The workflow validation involves the activity to validate the real-world engineering project data with the designed workflow. Based on real-world engineering project data from a hydro power plant systems integrator we propose the definition of risk factors on project management and engineering levels to increase risk awareness. First results of the industry case study show that the inclusion of risk factors can enhance the overall engineering project quality, thus enabling risk mitigation in ASE projects.

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