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B. Pogorelc, A. Lugmayr, B. Stockleben, R. Vatavu, N. Tahmasebi, E. Serral Asensio, E. Stojmenova et al.:
"Ambient bloom: new business, content, design and models to increase the semantic ambient media experience";
Multimedia Tools and Applications, 66 (2012), 7 - 32.

English abstract:
Semantic ambient media are the novel trend in the world of media reaching from
the pioneering subareas such as ambient advertising to the new and emerging subareas such
as ambient assisted living. They will likely shape the upcoming years in terms of modeling
smart environments and also media consumption and interaction. This work analyzes
semantic ambient media by considering business models, content and media, interaction design and consumer experience, and methods and techniques that are important to create
this new form of media. Discussion is led using the state-of-the-art event of the semantic
ambient media, which is the annual international workshop on Semantic Ambient Media
Experience (SAME). The study also creates a vision for how ambient media will evolve and
how they will look like in the future decade.

Semantic ambient media . Experience . Business . Ambient assisted living . Ambient content . Business models . Consumer experiences . Interaction design

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