Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

B. Beer:
"Visualisierung von Eishockeystatistiken auf mobilen Endgeräten";
Supervisor: E. Gröller; Institut für Computergraphik und Algorithmen, 2013.

English abstract:
The last few years brought big progress in the field of Information visualization. There are many new and interesting ways to process and visualize the huge amount of data we collect in our everyday lifes, to make it easier to understand the meaning of the data. Nevertheless it is surprising, that it is very hard to find literature about visualizations of sport statistics, even though this data poses interesting challenges for finding and evaluating new visualization methods. In this thesis we evaluate and examine sport statistics, particularly icehockey statistics and we are looking for existing and new ways, to visualize them. In particular we are focusing on methods, which are suitable for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, because those have totally different requirements than normal desktop computers. We also build a prototype, which visualizes different icehockey statistics: one to get the most important information of a league on one screen (league standings, past and future games), and a visualization, where the user can compare the statistics of two teams. We evaluated our method by comparing it with a regular table of statistics. Despite showing the strengths and weaknesses of the new method, the evaluation also posed some interesting approaches for future work in the area of sports visualization on mobile devices.

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