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A. Rauber, S. Pröll:
"Citable by Design A Model for Making Data in Dynamic Environments Citable";
Talk: 2nd International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications (DATA2013), Reykjavík; 2013-07-29 - 2013-07-31; in: "DATA 2013 - Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Data Technologies and Applications", (2013), ISBN: 978-989-8565-67-9.

English abstract:
Data forms the basis for research publications. But still the focus of researchers is a paper based publication,
data is rather seen as a supplement that could be offered as a download, often without further comments.
Yet validation, verification, reproduction and re-usage of existing knowledge can only be applied when the
research data is accessible and identifiable. For this reason, precise data citation mechanisms are required,
that allow reproducing experiments with exactly the same data basis. In this paper, we propose a model that
enables to cite, identify and reference specific data sets within their dynamic environments. Our model allows
the selection of subsets that support experiment verification and result re-utilisation in different contexts. The
approach is based on assigning persistent identifiers to timestamped queries which are executed against timestamped
and versioned databases. This facilitates transparent implementation and scalable means to ensure
identical result sets being delivered upon re-invocation of the query.

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