Contributions to Proceedings:

J. Binder, E. Weigl, S. Strodl, A. Draws, A. Rauber:
"A Framework for Automated Verification in Software Escrow";
in: "iPRES 2013 - 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects", Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, 1, 2013, ISBN: 978-972-565-493-4, 95 - 103.

English abstract:
If a business is in need of customized software it often orders
it from a third party developer. This can lead to a
dependency on this developer regarding maintainability and
development of the product. Software Escrow o ers a mitigation
to this as it includes a trustable escrow agent in the
business relationship. The agent is responsible for depositing
all material that is needed to develop the software, like
source code, documentation, and licenses for software artifacts.
If a prede ned trigger event occurs, the agent is
obliged to hand out the objects to the customer. Thus the
material needs to be of a quality that allows the customer
to further maintain and develop the software. To guarantee
this, all artifacts deposited are veri ed for their maintainability.
As this veri cation is a time consuming and costly
factor, we propose a Technical Software Escrow Framework
that supports the reviewing process by highlighting parts of
the software that can pose a problem regarding their maintainability.
We also analyze an exemplary use-case software
to show the applicability of our framework.

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