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C. Klauer, T. Schauer, J Karner, W. Reichenfelser, E. Ambrosini, S. Ferrante, J. Raisch:
"Design of feedback control strategies for an arm neuroprothesis combined with an exoskeleton.";
Talk: ICNR 2012, Toledo; 2012-11-14 - 2012-11-16; in: "Converging Clinical and Engineering Reseach on Neurorehabilitation - Part II", Springer, Part II (2012), 1189 - 1193.

English abstract:
For restoration of reaching function in patients
with upper motor neuron lesion a noval control strategy for a
neuroprosthesis was developed within the EU project MUNDUS.
By applying controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)
to the shoulder deltoid muscle and the biceps, functional arm
movements can be achieved. An exoskeleton with three DOF
partially compensates for gravitation and allows to lock joint
angles for holding purposes. This is exploited by a feedback
control strategy to reduce muscular fatigue. The control algorithm
that sequentially controls the joint angles according to
a given reference one after another is designed. The feasibility
of the approach was demonstrated by successfully applying the
strategy to one spinal cord injured (SCI) subject.

NMES, SCI, upper limb

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