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M. Florian, H. Gommel, W. Sihn:
"Description of a configuration model for establishing adaptable logistics chains";
in: "Robust Manufacturing Control - Proceedings of the CIRP Sponsored Conference RoMaC 2012", K. Windt (Hrg.); Springer-Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg, 2013, (eingeladen), ISBN: 978-3-642-30748-5, S. 315 - 326.

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Logistics chains are mostly influenced by changes in their business environment. A system´s adaptability is seen as one potential to effectively counteract these environmental changes. To consider the effects of adaptability on the whole supply chain, a framework for configuring adaptable logistics chain was developed within the research project "KoWaLo". This paper deduces an approach how to identify adaptable logistics configurations. Furthermore a case study shows the potential of the configuration model.

Logistics, Supply Chain, Adaptability

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