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M. Willensdorfer, G. Birkenmeier, R. Fischer, F. Laggner, E. Wolfrum, G. Veres, F. Aumayr, D. Carralero, L. Guimaräis, B. Kurzan, . ASDEX Upgrade Team:
"Characterization of the Li-BES at ASDEX Upgrade";
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 56 (2014), 0250081 - 02500810.

English abstract:
The lithium beam emission spectroscopy (Li-BES) is a powerful diagnostic to resolve the
plasma edge density with high temporal and spatial resolution. The recent upgrades of the
Li-BES at ASDEX Upgrade and the resulting gain in photon flux allow the plasma edge
density to be determined with an advanced level of accuracy. Furthermore, electron density
fluctuations are measured using Li-BES. The Li-BES capabilities and limitations to measure
electron density profiles as well as density fluctuations are presented. It is well suited to
characterize electron density turbulence in the scrape off layer (SOL) with decreasing
sensitivity towards the plasma core. This is demonstrated by simulations as well as by
comparisons with other diagnostics. The Li-BES is an appropriate tool to study transport
phenomena in the SOL over a wide range of plasma parameters due to its robustness and
routine usage.

tokamak, ASDEX Upgrade, diagnostics, lithium beam, electron density profiles

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