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M. Pimmer, G. Raidl:
"A timeslot-filling based heuristic approach to construct high-school timetables";
in: "Advances in Metaheuristics", Springer, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4614-6322-1, 143 - 158.

English abstract:
This work describes an approach for creating high-school timetables. To
develop and test our algorithm, we used the international, real-world instances of
the Benchmarking project for (High) School Timetabling. Contrary to most other
heuristic approaches, we do not try to iteratively assign single meetings (events) to
timeslots. Instead, we repeatedly choose a not entirely occupied timeslot and aim at
simultaneously assigning the most suitable set of meetings. To improve and diversify
the solutions, a heuristic that deletes and reassigns certain timeslots, events or
resources is applied and combined with a hill-climbing procedure to find suitable
parameters for grading constraints. Experimental results indicate the competitiveness
of this new approach.

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