Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Hofbauer, K. Schweiger, H. Zimmermann, U. Giesen, F. Langner, U. Schmid, A. Steininger:
"Supply Voltage Dependent On-Chip Single-Event Transient Pulse Shape Measurements in 90-nm Bulk CMOS Under Alpha Irradiation";
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 60 (2013), 4; 2640 - 2646.

English abstract:
Direct on-chip pulse shape measurements of singleevent
transients (SETs) in a single inverter in 90-nm bulk CMOS
have been performed at the microbeamfacility at the Physikalisch-
Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Braunschweig, Germany. Alpha
particles with an energy of 8MeV were used as projectiles, and the
supply voltage dependence of the arising SETs was investigated.
A strong dependence of the resulting pulse heights, widths, and
shapes on the supply voltage could be observed.

Alpha-particle radiation, analog on-chip measurement, microbeam experiments, 90-nm CMOS, particle beams, radiation effects in devices, radiation effects in ICs, sense amplifier, single-event effects, single-event transients, supply voltage dependence

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