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G. Raidl, B. Hu, M. Rainer-Harbach, P. Papazek:
"Balancing bicycle sharing systems: Improving a VNS by efficiently determining optimal loading operations";
Talk: International Workshop on Hybrid Metaheuristics (HM), Ischia, Italien; 2013-05-23 - 2013-05-25; in: "Hybrid Metaheuristics, 8th Int. Workshop, HM 2013", Volume 7919 (2013), ISBN: 978-3-642-38515-5; 130 - 143.

English abstract:
Public bike sharing systems are important alternatives to
motorized individual tra c and are gaining popularity in larger cities
worldwide. In order to maintain user satisfaction, operators need to ac-
tively rebalance the systems so that there are enough bikes available for
rental as well as su cient free slots for returning them at each station.
This is done by a vehicle
eet that moves bikes among the stations. In a
previous work we presented a variable neighborhood search metaheuris-
tic for nding e ective vehicle routes and three di erent auxiliary proce-
dures to calculate loading operations for each candidate solution. For the
exible auxiliary procedure based on LP, the current work provides
a new, practically more e cient method for calculating proven optimal
loading operations based on two maximum
ow computations. The dif-
ferent strategies for determining loading operations are further applied in
combination controlled by an additional neighborhood structure. Exper-
imental results indicate that this combined approach yields signi cantly
better results than the original variable neighborhood search.

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