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S. Nahar, B. Dillingh, S. Erkens, A. Schmets, H. R. Fischer, A. Scarpas, G. Schitter:
"Is Atomic Force Microscopy suited as tool for fast screening of bituminous materials? An inter-laboratory comparison study";
Poster: Transportation Research Board (TRB) 92nd Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA; 01-13-2013 - 01-17-2013; in: "TRB 92nd Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers", (2013), 16 pages.

English abstract:
Bituminous binders are known to have microstructures at typical length scales of
micrometers. This microstructure can be probed with Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). Now
that worldwide several research groups are reporting AFM results on bitumen, it is becoming
important to improve the understanding of the reproducibility and objectivity of the technique
for studying bituminous samples. When reproducibility and stability are proven, AFM can be
a tool for asphalt professionals to rapidly screen bituminous binders. In this context two
independent laboratories have developed a standard method for preparing and conditioning
bitumen for AFM imaging. By means of an inter-laboratory comparison of independently
imaged specimen, the reproducibility of microstructure measurements was investigated. A
quantitative comparison on different microstructures was developed, and the consistency of
independently obtained results was confirmed. The results from both labs were comparable:
the microstructural properties were found to be randomly distributed within a 5% interval.
Also the influence of temperature on the microstructure was demonstrated to be reproducible
and consistent. With the increase of temperature, the microstructure gradually disappeared,
however traces of the microstructure remained visible up to the highest measurement
temperature of 60C. It is concluded that given well defined sample preparation and
measurement procedures, the microstructure of bitumen can be reproducibly imaged by AFM
from room temperature up to temperatures where bitumen becomes liquid.

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