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M. Rainer-Harbach, P. Papazek, B. Hu, G. Raidl:
"Balancing bicycle sharing systems: A variable neighborhood search approach";
Talk: Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization (EvoCOP), Wien; 2013-04-03 - 2013-04-05; in: "Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimisation - 13th European Conference, EvoCOP 2013", Volume 7832 (2013), ISBN: 978-3-642-37197-4; 121 - 132.

English abstract:
We consider the necessary redistribution of bicycles in public bicycle
sharing systems in order to avoid rental stations to run empty or entirely full. For
this purpose we propose a general Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS) with
an embedded Variable Neighborhood Descent (VND) that exploits a series of
neighborhood structures. While this metaheuristic generates candidate routes for
vehicles to visit unbalanced rental stations, the numbers of bikes to be loaded or
unloaded at each stop are efficiently derived by one of three alternative methods
based on a greedy heuristic, a maximum flow calculation, and linear programming,
respectively. Tests are performed on instances derived from real-world data and
indicate that the VNS based on a greedy heuristic represents the best compromise
for practice. In general the VNS yields good solutions and scales much better to
larger instances than two mixed integer programming approaches.

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