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M. Guillaud, M. Rezaeekheirabadi, G. Matz:
"Interference Alignment via Message-Passing";
Talk: IEEE International Conference on Communications, Sydney, Australien; 06-10-2014 - 06-14-2014; in: "Proc. IEEE International Conference on Communications", (2014), 6 pages.

English abstract:
We introduce an iterative solution to the problem
of interference alignment (IA) over MIMO channels based on a
message-passing formulation. We propose a parameterization of
the messages that enables the computation of IA precoders by a
min-sum algorithm over continuous variable spaces - under this
parameterization, suitable approximations of the messages can
be computed in closed-form. We show that the iterative leakage
minimization algorithm of Gomadam et al. is a special case of our
message-passing algorithm, obtained for a particular schedule.
Finally, we show that the proposed algorithm compares favorably
to iterative leakage minimization in terms of convergence speed,
and discuss a distributed implementation.

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