Z. Feng, S. Löffler, F. Eder, D. Su, J. Meyer, P. Schattschneider:
"Combined study of the ground and unoccupied electronic states of graphite by electron energy-loss spectroscopy";
Journal of Applied Physics, 114 (2013), S. 183716-1 - 183716-8.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Both the unoccupied and ground electronic states of graphite have been studied by electron energy-loss spectroscopy in a transmission electron microscope. Electron energy-loss near-edge structures of the K-edge of carbon have been investigated in detail for scattering angles from 0 to 2.8 mrad. The π∗ and σ∗ components were separated. The angular and energy dependences of the π∗ and σ∗ structures were in fair agreement with theory. Electron energy loss Compton spectra of graphite were recorded at scattering angles from 45 to 68 mrad. One Compton scattering spectrum was obtained in 1 min compared with several hours or days using photons. The contributions of core electrons were calculated by the exact Hartree-Slater method in the Compton scattering region. The electron Compton profile for graphite is in good agreement with other conventional Compton profile measurements, as well as with theory, thus establishing the validity of the technique.

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