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G. Requena, E. Maire, C. Leguen, S. Thuillier:
"Separation of nucleation and growth of voids during tensile deformation of a dual phase steel using synchrotron microtomography";
Materials Science and Engineering A, 589 (2014), -; 242 - 251.

English abstract:
The damage evolution in a DP980 dual phase steel is followed in situ by synchrotron microtomography during tensile deformation focusing on the effect that the triaxiality, induced by different sample geometries, exerts on damage formation and damage evolution. The growth of existing voids is separated from the voids nucleated between consecutive deformation steps using three-dimensional image analysis. The experimental results are correlated with those obtained by finite element analysis using a Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman framework with a Chu and Needleman formulation to introduce the effect of nucleation of cavities. A relatively simple way to determine the nucleation parameters is proposed based on the volume of nucleated voids obtained from the tomographies. The evolution of the total volume fraction of cavities obtained from the calculations shows a good agreement with the experiments for the notched samples and reflects the effect of triaxiality on damage. Contrarily to experiments, the calculated accumulated volume fraction of nucleated voids does not reflect the effect of triaxiality suggesting the necessity to implement this parameter in the nucleation model.

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