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Z. Asghar, G. Requena:
"Three dimensional post-mortem study of damage after compression of cast Al-Si alloys";
Materials Science and Engineering A, 591 (2014), -; 136 - 143.

English abstract:
The damage introduced by compressive deformation at room temperature and 300. C in three cast AlSi alloys with different additions of Cu and Ni is investigated by synchrotron X-ray microtomography. The same damage mechanisms are identified for all alloys independent of the heat treatment and test temperature: fracture of aluminides, fracture of eutectic Si, debonding between Si and Al-matrix, debonding between aluminides and Al-matrix and fracture of primary Si. The volume fraction of damage decreases with solution treatment time and deformation temperature due to the partial spheroidisation of rigid phases and increase in flowability of the matrix, respectively. The morphology of voids is quantified in terms of their three-dimensional aspect ratio and is correlated with their orientation to obtain information on the load carrying capability of the networks formed by Si and aluminides.

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