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E. Spunei, L. Padeanu, F. Piroi, I. Piroi, G. Liuba:
"Research on Decreasing the Cost Price for the Synchronous Hydrogenerator";
Buletinul AGIR, 3 (2013), 163 - 168.

English abstract:
A hydrogeneratorīs cost price is considerably influenced by the used and computed design values. The most important parameters in the design of micro hydro power plants synchronous generators are the power blanket, the current density in the statoric winding and the air gap size. In this work we analyze the impact of these parameters on the cost price for a family of hydro power plant synchronous generator where the power is the same but the rotations vary. The conclusions we take offer information essential to the design phase of these micro hydro power plant hydrogenerators.

synchronous generator, rotation, optimal design

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