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J.P. Waclawek, R. Lewicki, H. Moser, M. Brandstetter, F.K. Tittel, B. Lendl:
"Sulfur dioxide detection using CW-DFB-QCL based quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy";
Talk: CLEO 2013: Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, San Jose, CA, United States; 06-09-2013 - 06-14-2013; in: "CLEO 2013: Applications and Technology", (2013), ATh4K.7.

English abstract:
The development of a sensitive SO2 QEPAS based sensor platform employing a 140 mW CW-DFB-QCL will be reported. A detection limit of 75 ppbv (3s) was achieved with a 1-sec averaging time for the 1380.94 cm-1 SO2 absorption line.

Absorption lines; Averaging time; Detection limits; Quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopies; Sensor platform

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