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A. Daskalova, C. Nathala, I. Bliznakova, E. Stoyanova, A. Zhelyazkova, T. Ganz, S. Lüftenegger, W. Husinsky:
"Controlling the porosity of collagen, gelatin and elastin biomaterials by ultrashort laser pulses";
Applied Surface Science, 292 (2014), 1 - 11.

English abstract:
We report on the structural investigation of self-organized micropores generated in thin gelatin, colla-gen, and collagen-elastin films after single and multishot irradiation with pulse durations ranging from30-100 fs at 800 nm. We systematically studied the effect of laser parameters: laser energy, number ofpulses, and pulse duration on the development of the micropores. This work showed that applying laserpulses at different rates significantly modified the thin film surface. The results clearly revealed that fem-tosecond laser treatment of thin films of biomaterials: gelatin, collagen and collagen-elastin, results increation of micro/nanopores with different size of cavity formations. Experimentally, it is demonstratedthat it is possible to influence the dimensions of the pore sizes, ranging from 100 nm to 2 m by tuningthe laser parameters. We are currently further exploring the possibility of structuring these biomaterialsby applying a time delay between separate pulses. First results from cell culture experiments on lasercreated surface foam of collagen-elastin were successfully obtained, showing the potential of the methodto cultivate cells on superficial porous substrates and the preferable selectivity of the cells to proliferateon the laser modified parts of the biopolymer substrate.

BiomaterialsFemtosecond laser irradiationSurface modificationTissue engineeringCell growtha

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