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S. Glawischnig, A. Mahdavi:
"Human Interface Devices and Building Information Systems - A Usability Study";
IADIS International Journal on WWW/Internet, 11 (2013), 2; 129 - 142.

English abstract:
Building Information Systems handle non-abstract data that is directly related to the built environment (e.g., indoor climate, energy use, building systems´ states). Building information terminals offer a way to present building data to target groups with differing educational backgrounds. Such terminals are used frequently. Therefore, they should provide a good learning experience. The present contribution compares three input devices to identify the one that facilitates the best learning experience in a building information terminal use case. The proposed application is a web frontend of an open source building information system that is developed at the Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology, Vienna University of Technology (VUT), Austria. A usability study with 30 participants is conducted. The participants use three input devices - keyboard and mouse, a touch screen and a gesture input device. Gesture input allows a user to access a system without being in direct physical contact with the input device. An RGB optical sensor (red, green, blue) and an infrared sensor capture the users´ body movements. The detected gestures
are translated into commands. The purpose of the study is to identify an optimal setup for a building information system terminal at VUT.

German abstract:
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Building Information System, Usability, Gesture Input, User Interface Design

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