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D. Wolosiuk, N. Ghiassi, U. Pont, F Shayeganfar, A. Mahdavi, S. Fenz, J. Heurix, A. Anjomshoaa, A. Tjoa:
"SEMERGY: Performance-Guided Building Design and Refurbishment within a Semantically Augmented Optimization Environment";
Advanced Materials Research - Web, 899 (2014), 589 - 595.

English abstract:
This contribution illustrates recent efforts in the research project SEMERGY, a
computational environment, which incorporates semantic web technologies to support building
design and refurbishment optimization. A major part of the necessary information for energy
efficient building planning is implicitly available in the World Wide Web. However, this
theoretically valuable repository of information cannot be practically used, given its ill-structured
nature. SEMERGY addresses this very problem through a number of developments. Specifically,
SEMERGY: 1) embeds a comprehensive building data model, 2) incorporates an Ontology for
building product data, 3) deploys a rule-based logic for identification of valid building construction
alternatives, 4) provides an easy-to-use optimization procedure evaluating energy demand,
environmental impact, and investment costs of alternatives, and 5) offers a web-based Graphical
User Interface. The present contribution provides a general overview of the whole project and
documents the state of its development.

German abstract:
none see english version

Semantic web technology, Ontology, building performance, building design optimization, decision support

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