T. Windbacher, V. Sverdlov, S. Selberherr, H. Mahmoudi:
"Spin Torque Magnetic Integrated Circuit";
Patent: Europe, Nr. EP 2784 020 A1 ; eingereicht: 27.03.2013, erteilt: 01.10.2014.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The invention relates to a spin torque magnetic integrated circuit (1), comprising a shared free layer (2) with a magnetic anisotropy such as a shape anisotropy or a crystal anisotropy with at least two stable magnetic states disposed on a substrate, a first nonmagnetic layer (3) disposed on a first side of the free layer (2), input regions disposed on the non-magnetic layer (3), at least one output region (5) disposed on the non-magnetic layer (3), comprising at least one output layer (6), capping layers (8) to electrically contact the input regions (4a, 4b) and output region (5), wherein two input regions (4a, 4b) are disposed on the non-magnetic layer (3), at least one of the input regions (4a, 4b) comprises at least one magnetic input reference layer (6), and the orientation of the magnetization vectors of the input reference layers, the output reference layer, and the orientation of the magnetic anisotropy of the free layer are collinear. The invention further relates to a flip flop circuit comprising such a circuit, a shift register comprising such a flip flop, and methods to operate theses circuits.

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