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F. Ehrentraud, M. Di Angelo:
"Soundia A Learning Application For Musical Correlations According To "The Musical Space"";
Talk: ITEC 2014, Dubai; 2014-02-05 - 2014-02-07; in: "ITEC 2014", A. çakir İlhan (ed.); University of Ankara, Ankara (2014), Paper ID T16805, 11 pages.

English abstract:
"The Musical Space" provides a framework for teaching musical correlations to beginners and experts alike. It
does not require any previous knowledge and uses a very unique approach to look at - or listen to - possibly
familiar compositional and sound engineering techniques and phenomena.
This paper presents an app (Soundia) for this innovative music teaching concept, where the characteristics of
"The Musical Space" are introduced. In this space, sound objects can be placed in a way so that they either
disturb or complement each other, or coalesce. They are used to represent musical correlations. Sound objects
do not necessarily represent a single instrument. Several instruments might form a single sound object, whereas
a single instrument may correlate to several sound objects.
So far, "The Musical Space" was only presented by chalk and blackboard. In order to reach a larger audience
outside the class room, a learning application was called for to facilitate the envisioning of "The Musical Space".

learning application, music theory

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