Contributions to Proceedings:

K. Chmelina, E. Lammer, A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann:
"Real-Time Machine Guidance with Tracking Cameras";
in: "Proceeding of the 6th International Symposium High Performance Mining", issued by: RWTH Aaachen; Druckservice Zillekens, Aachen, Germany, 2014, 978-3-941277-2050, 679 - 687.

English abstract:
Mining and tunneling processes are more and more automatized, mechanized and speeded up. Machines, such as roadheaders, jumbos, dredgers, loaders etc. contribute to significant cost reductions and the increase of safety and efficiency of underground works. For an
efficient control of these machines the continuous and precise determination of their absolute 3D position and orientation in the underground space is mandatory. To further increase the current degree of automation of mining and tunneling machinery, a
new survey technology is currently researched in the European FP7 research project I2Mine (2011-2015). The technology is based on infrared tracking cameras that measure to infrared LEDs (light-emitting diodes) mounted on machines and tools. The contribution
describes the technology, the developed first prototype system and the tests that have been carried out.

Optical Tracking, Wide-Area, Machine Guidance

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