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I.C. Skrna-Jakl, D. H. Pahr, K.H. Karner, F. G. Rammerstorfer:
"Homogenization Technique for the Efficient Modeling of Large Scale Corrugated Core Sandwich Structures";
International Journal of Applied Physics and Mathematics, 4 (2014), 1; 62 - 67.

English abstract:
Numerical calculations of large scale corrugated core sandwich structures are, due to their characteristic cross sections, generally very labor-intensive and costly. With the application of effective orthotropic FE-shell elements, which are based on a homogenization technique, modeling and computation of these structures can be carried out more efficiently. In the present paper an analytical homogenization framework is presented. For the verification of the analytical stiffness predictions a parametric study is performed employing FE-unit cell analyses. Numerical analyses of four-point bending tests employing effective orthotropic shell elements are performed in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of these elements. Finally, the numerical bending test results are verified experimentally.

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