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V. Schwarz, G. Hannak, G. Matz:
"On the convergence of average consensus with generalized Metropolis-Hasting weights";
Talk: IEEE International Conference on Speech, Acoustics, and Signal Processing 2014 (ICASSP 2014), Florence, Italy; 05-04-2014 - 05-09-2014; in: "Proc. IEEE ICASSP-2014", IEEE, (2014), 5442 - 5446.

English abstract:
Average consensus is a well-studied method for distributed averaging. The convergence properties of average consensus depend on the averaging weights. Examples for commonly used weight designs are Metropolis-Hastings (MH) weights and constant weights. In this paper, we provide a complete convergence analysis for a generalized MH weight design that encompasses conventional MH as special case. More specifically, we formulate sufficient and necessary conditions for convergence. A main conclusion is that AC with MH weights is guaranteed to converge unless the underlying network is a regular bipartite graph.

average consensus, wireless sensor networks, distributed algorithms

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