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S. Marinitsch, Ch. Schranz, M. Teich:
"Folded plate structures made of glass laminates";
in: "Challenging Glass 4 & COST Action TU0905 Final Conference", herausgegeben von: Challenging Glass; Taylor & Francis Group, London, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-138-00164-0, S. 361 - 368.

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It is only recently that glass as a load bearing material started to pull away from the gravitational field of steel design. More suitable solutions for a brittle material that does not appreciate local stress concentrations as they are present in bolted assemblies became a vibrant field for researchers. A promising approach seems to be the use of glued connections with the known downsides that arise in case of glass replacement. This paper proposes a linear connec- tion detail which combines the benefits of a glued solution with the advantages of a bolted as- sembly. The general problems when developing a linear connection detail will be touched upon as well as design specific research required to advance the assembly from an experimental stage a step closer to built reality. Following a review of the individual components, an approach for the experimental and numerical validation of the load bearing capacity will be presented.

folded plate structures, glass, laminates

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