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A. Manzoor, H. Truong, S. Dustdar:
"Quality of Context: models and applications for context-aware systems in pervasive environments";
Knowledge Engineering Review, Volume 29 (2014), Issue 2; 154 - 170.

English abstract:
Limitations of sensors and the situation of a specific measurement can affect the quality of context information that is implicitly collected in pervasive environments. The lack of information about
Quality of Context (QoC) can result in degraded performance of context-aware systems in pervasive environments, without knowing the actual problem. Context-aware systems can take advantage of QoC if context producers also provide QoC metrics along with context information. In this paper, we analyze QoC and present our model for processing QoC metrics. We evaluate QoC metrics considering the capabilities of sensors, circumstances of specific measurement,
requirements of context consumer, and the situation of the use of context information. We also illustrate how QoC metrics can facilitate in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of different
tasks performed by a system to provide context information in pervasive environments.

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