Publications in Scientific Journals:

K. Le, M. Page, D. Praetorius, T. Tran:
"On a decoupled linear FEM integrator for eddy-current-LLG";
Applicable Analysis, 84 (2015), 5; 1051 - 1067.

English abstract:
We propose a linear scheme for the numerical solution of the eddy-current equation coupled with the Landau{Lifshitz{Gilbert equation where the e ective eld contains some general energy including anisotropy elds and applied elds. At each time-step, our suggested algorithm solves successively two linear systems, one for the magnetization eld and another one for the magnetic eld. Convergence to the weak solution is proved. Numerical experiments with a micromagnetic benchmark problem underline the performance
of the proposed algorithm.

quasi-static Maxwell-LLG, eddy-current equation, nite element, ferromagnetism.

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