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M. Lerch, S. Caban, M. Mayer, M. Rupp:
"The Vienna MIMO Testbed: Evaluation of Future Mobile Communication Techniques";
Intel Technology Journal (invited), 4G Wireless Communications: Real World Aspects and Tools (2014), 3; 58 - 69.

English abstract:
In order to evaluate current and upcoming mobile communications
standards and to investigate new transmission as well as receiver techniques
in a real-world environment, a very flexible testbed was set up at the
Vienna University of Technology, comprised of multiple base stations,
each equipped with several antennas. After providing an overview of this
testbed and its capabilities, different kinds of measurements and their
underlying methodologies are described in the context of 3GPP Long
Term Evolution (LTE) transmissions. These are, on the one hand, point-
to-point LTE Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) throughput
measurements, employing a single base station and, on the other hand,
modern interference alignment measurements, utilizing up to three base
stations simultaneously.

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Project Head Christoph Mecklenbräuker:
Christian Doppler Lab "Funktechnologien für nachhaltige Mobilität"

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