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H. Truong:
"CoMoT - a Toolset for Elasticity in the Cloud";
Talk: LCCC Cloud Control Seminar, Lund, Sweden (invited); 2014-05-14.

English abstract:
One of the main challenges for us is how to program, control and monitor native elastic cloud software systems. In this talk, we present the COMOT toolset which is designed to support dynamic lifecycle development and execution of native software-defined elastic systems (SESs) constructed from cloud service units. COMOT supports the concept of multidimensional elasticity, in which a complex cloud system will be elastic based on resource, cost, and quality at different levels of abstraction, such as single service units, cloud system patterns and the entire SES. This talk will present main building blocks on the development of monitoring, control, deployment, and testing of SES and how to integrate these fundamental building blocks for achieving multi-dimensional elasticity in the cloud. We will also demonstrate some aspects of our COMOT open source prototype.

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