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S. Schulte:
"Infrastructural Challenges for Elastic Processes";
Keynote Lecture: 1st Workshop on Event Modeling and Processing in Business Process Management (EMoV 2014) in conjunction with Modellierung 2014, Vienna, Austria (invited); 2014-03-19 - 2014-03-21.

English abstract:
With the advent of cloud computing, organizations are nowadays able to rapidly react to changing demands for computational resources. Not only individual applications can be hosted on virtual cloud infrastructures, but also complete business processes. This allows to realize so-called elastic processes, i.e., processes which are carried out using elastic cloud resources. Despite the manifold benefits of elastic processes, there is still a lack of solutions supporting them. Within this talk, we will discuss infrastructural challenges for elastic processes, with a specific focus on complex event processing. We will discuss which low-level events need to be exploited in order to derive knowledge about the system behavior and to correlate (cloud) resource events and (elastic) process events. Finally, we will derive future research topics in this field.

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