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M. Zeiner:
"On a family of $q$-binomial distributions";
Mathematica Slovaca, 64 (2014), 2; 479 - 510.

English abstract:
We introduce a family of q-analogues of the binomial distribution,
which generalises the Stieltjes-Wigert-, Rogers-SzegĻo-, and Kemp-distribution.
Basic properties of this family are provided and several convergence results involving
the classical binomial, Poisson, discrete normal distribution, and a family
of q-analogues of the Poisson distribution are established. These results generalize
convergence properties of Kempīs-distribution, and some of them are q-analogues
of classical convergence properties.

q-binomial distribution, Kemp-distribution, Stieltjes-Wigert-distribution, Rogers-SzegĻo-distribution, q-Poisson distribution, limit theorems

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