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M. Mayr:
"A Scaleless Data Structure for Geographic Information";
Talk: COSIT 2013 Doctoral Colloquium, Scarborough; 09-06-2013; in: "Doctoral Colloquium, COSIT 2013", (2013).

English abstract:
To handle the problems arising from representing and merging map information on multiple scales, so-called Multi-Representation-Databases (MRDBs) are used. Within these, information is stored in different layers with different levels of detail which in turn are connected by automated generalisation processes. This is still not solved satisfactorily and is, in the opinion of the author, essentially a problem of the data-model used to store geographic information. Changing the way of storing features away from any fixed constraints concerning positional information to a lattice-oriented, topographic, tagging based way to define geographic features, it should be possible to develop a flat, scaleless geographic storage which allows the use of data of any scale.

Scaleless, MRDB, Geodatabase

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