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M. Nezveda, N. Brosch, F. Seitner, M. Gelautz:
"Depth Map Post-Processing for Depth-Image-Based Rendering: A User Study";
Talk: SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference, San Francisco, California, USA; 2014-02-02 - 2014-02-06; in: "SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference", Volume 9011 (2014).

English abstract:
We analyse the impact of depth map post-processing techniques on the visual quality of stereo pairs that contain a novel view. To this end, we conduct a user study, in which we address (1) the e ffects of depth map post-processing on the quality of stereo pairs that contain a novel view and (2) the question whether objective quality metrics are suitable for evaluating them. We generate depth maps of six stereo image pairs and apply six diff erent post-processing techniques. The unprocessed and the post-processed depth maps are used to generate novel views. The original left views and the novel views form the stereo pairs that are evaluated in a paired comparison study. The obtained results are compared with the results delivered by the objective quality metrics. We show that post-processing depth maps significantly enhances the perceived quality of stereo pairs that include a novel view. We further observe that the correlation between subjective and objective quality is weak.

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