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M. Feischl, T. Führer, G. Mitscha-Eibl, D. Praetorius, E. Stephan:
"Convergence of adaptive BEM and adaptive FEM-BEM coupling for estimators without h-weighting factor";
Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics, 14 (2014), 4; 485 - 508.

English abstract:
We analyze adaptive mesh-refining algorithms in the frame of boundary element methods (BEM) and the coupling of finite elements and boundary elements (FEM-BEM). Adaptivity is driven by the two-level error estimator proposed by ErnstP. Stephan, Norbert Heuer, and coworkers in the frame of BEM and FEM-BEM or by the residual error estimator introduced by Birgit Faermann for BEM for weakly-singular
integral equations. We prove that in either case the usual adaptive algorithm drives the associated error estimator to zero. Emphasis is put on the fact that the error estimators considered are not even globally equivalent to weighted-residual error estimators for which recently convergence with quasi-optimal algebraic rates has been derived.

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