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A. Jäger, K. Matyas, W. Sihn:
"Development of an assessment framework for Operations Excellence (OsE), based on the paradigm change in Operational Excellence (OE)";
Procedia CIRP, 17 (2014), 487 - 492.

English abstract:
This paper presents the researched changeover from Operational Excellence (OE) to the new path of Operations Excellence (OsE). Operational Excellence (OE) predominantly deals with the efficiency (productivity), effectiveness (customer/market orientation) and optimization of production processes. In comparison, Operations Excellence (OsE) enlarges that perspective to see operations as setting lever by providing enablers as a central role for operational long-term success. The assessment of required against existing setting of enabler criteria in an organization (e.g., high performance culture, methods and instruments, employee empowerment, etc.) supports to become a plant's future health foreseeable and to identify its capability to achieve sustainability and excellence in terms of operations.

To support a methodical integration of Operations Excellence in organizations, an OsE assessment framework has been developed within the applied research project "IMFT". The model design containing the identification of relevant criteria and their cause-effect relationships is a key element of the present paper.

Operations Excellence; Operational Excellence; EFQM; Performance Measurement; Assessment; Enablers

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