T. Sobottka, W. Sihn, T. Edtmayr:
"Increasing The Efficiency Of Closed Loops Of Reusable Containers In Production Environments Concerning Container Cleaning";
ACTA TECHNICA CORVINIENSIS - Bulletin of Engineering (eingeladen), VII (2014), 1; S. 101 - 110.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Today reusable containers, widely used in closed loops in production environments, are cleaned
irrespective of their cleanliness-status and thus the actual necessity for being cleaned. This often leads to a
considerable degree of technically superfluous container-cleaning, associated with high costs, transport efforts and
resource utilization. This paper aims at investigating ways to harness the savings potential of a necessity based
triggering of the cleaning process amid securing the quality of the container supply, controlling the uncertainty
introduced into the container-loops through the status-dependent triggering of cleaning and establishing a process
transparency enabling a reduction of the overall container inventory. A case study performed in an automotive
supplier is included.

reusable container, efficiency, container management, Auto-ID

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