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A. Bishara, P. Häupl, F. Hansel, A. Witek, D Gawin, P.P. Housez, U. Pont, A. Mahdavi, J. Fort, Z. Pavlik, J. Zumar, M. Pavlikova, R. Cerny, Z. Huibregts, J. van Schijndel, H. Schellen, N. Blades:
"Journal of Building Physics - CESBP 2013 Special Issue Editors";
in series "Journal of Building Physics", series editor: A. Mahdavi, B. Martens; issued by: sage journals ISSN: 1744-2591; Sage, Vienna, 2014, ISSN: 1744-2591.

English abstract:
This issue of the Journal of Building Physics includes a selection of papers presented originally at the second Central European Building Physics Symposium (CESBP, 2013) organized by the Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology and held in September 2013 at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. Contributions were solicited in a broad range of topics in building physics, including heat and mass transfer in building materials, building envelope and
whole buildings, buildingsī energy performance, indoor climate and thermal comfort, hygro-thermal building performance/moisture, air flow and ventilation, daylight and illumination engineering, building and room acoustics, urban physics, environmental impact, and life-cycle assessment. In response to the call for papers, a total of 206 abstracts were received. After the abstract and a comprehensive full paper review process, 134 papers were accepted for inclusion in the proceedings. The papersī authors come from 30 countries in Europe, as well as from Australia, Chile, China, Japan, and the United States. Thanks to these contributions, the proceeding of the conference emerged as an excellent compendium of ongoing research and development work in building physics. Subsequent to the symposium, the scientific committee of CESBP selected a set of papers from the pool of the papers in proceedings that were deemed to be especially appropriate for publication in the Journal of Building Physics. The papersī authors were asked to provide modified and extended versions of their
papers, which were then further reviewed by the conference chairs and the journal editor. The resulting collection of papers provides not only a good impression of the CESBP 2013 Symposium, but also an excellent indicator of the depth and breadth of the research work conducted by the building physics community in Central Europe and beyond. As the CESBP 2013 conference chairs and as the editors of the present special issue of the Journal of Building Physics, we thank all authors for their solid work. We would also like to expresses our appreciation for the support we received from the Journalīs editor Mark Bomberg as well as the members of the international scientific
committee of CESBP who participated in the paper review process.

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