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M.N. Durakbasa, J.M. Bauer, G. Bas:
"A Sophisticated Approach to Advanced Production Engineering - Integrated Management for Sustainable Development";
Hauptvortrag: Proceedings of ICPR-AEM and QIEM 2014 Conference, Cluj-Napoca, Rumänien (eingeladen); 01.07.2014 - 05.07.2014; in: "2014 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PRODUCTION RESEARCH - REGIONAL CONFERENCE AFRICA, EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST and 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON QUALITY AND INNOVATION IN ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT", Technical University of Cluj- Napoca (2014), ISBN: 978-973-662-978-5; 5 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Advanced production engineering based on integrated intelligent systems through the use of modern technologies and smart metrology ensures sustainable production in the industry. This means that the integrated and intelligent systems in the production area play an essential role for the effective and efficient production and growth.
Smart economic growth, which is based on high quality training and on the promotion of research and innovation as well as on building digital factories, sustainable growth as sustainable development, respectful of ecological aspects, based on green technologies and improves the working environment, and a growth in which all can participate, because new and better jobs are created and working life will be modernized, are most crucial and central to the future developments.
The modern methods of quality management intelligently integrated with environmental management and energy management will be the main strategy developed and refined in manufacturing organizations where advanced metrology enable to perform industrial and technological developments by practicing high precise measurement tasks and essential measurement know-how within the sophisticated production systems.
This paper proposes a strategic approach to develop a smart integrated system applicable in manufacturing industry using the intelligent networking for the digital factory by firstly modeling, generating and experimenting an inter-university network that accesses, cooperates and operates at distance in the laboratory of two distant research laboratories.

Factory of future, intelligent metrology, Quality management (QM), Environmental management (EM), Energy management (EnM), digital factory

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