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C. Davutoglu, M.N. Durakbasa, E. Güclü, G. Bas:
"Improved Quality and Reliability in Telecommunication Network Testing by means of a Remote Online Test System";
Vortrag: 11th International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation REV2014, Porto, Portugal; 26.02.2014 - 28.02.2014.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Increasing demand for high quality and reliable operation of the telecommunication network services and its applications have been the main challenges of the telecommunication network providers in the last decade. In this paper, a remote online testing facility (Intact - Intelligent Test Automation and Configuration Tool) is introduced that proposes a solution for telecommunication network providers to meet demands and to ensure business services as well as network related services (circuit switched and packet switched) operate efficiently.
This paper presents a particular solution of remote testing
based on the automated functional "End to End" testing approach. "End to End" starts by configuring service properties, subscriber record and service logic on one hand. On the other hand several hundred call scenarios can be executed fully automatically. Moreover the call detail records written by the network elements are verified automatically too. Hence a test description and web automation language was developed which is very easy to learn. This testing approach improves test speed and quality leading to reduced risk and investment on test procedure. As a result, the proposed solution of a remote automated online test system aims to overcome higher cost, longer time to market periods and increased effort in testing.

Quality management, telecommunication network, remote automated test, end to end testing.

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