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S. Aleksic:
"Holistic view on green network technologies: wireless access, wired core, data centers and end-user devices";
Hauptvortrag: Energy Efficient Mobile Networks: 5GrEEn Summer School, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden (eingeladen); 26.08.2014 - 28.08.2014.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The information and communication technology (ICT) sector is continuously growing due to the fast penetration of ICT into many areas of business and society. The impressive evolution of ICT is accompanied by fast increase of the ICT energy and carbon footprint. Therefore, energy efficiency is gaining more and more importance. Indeed, a lot of effort has recently been put into research and development of energy-efficient devices, systems and networks. Especially radio access networks (RANs) will play a significant role in achieving the vision of the "Internet of Things" and ubiquitous high-speed internet access. In this contest, RAN and mobile backhaul, i.e., radio and optical technologies need to be considered and combined in an optimal and effective way.

However, energy consumption during the operational (use) phase is only one of several factors that influence the sustainability of ICT systems. Other factors that can even play a more significant role are resource consumption associated with production, transportation and disposal of ICT devices, indirect effects that result from the use of software applications and ICT services, as well as systemic effects that emerge from medium or long-term changes of behavior.

This talk discusses methods for improving energy efficiency in communication networks from a system point of view and presents a holistic approach that combines network modeling with widely applicable thermodynamic tools. This approach can be used to analyze information, energy and entropy flows through heterogeneous systems and to assess the sustainability of ICT infrastructures. In particular, we briefly discuss the application of the presented approach on evaluating the sustainability of end-user devices, network elements, data centers and cloud computing.

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