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J. Pistrol:
"Characteristics of oscillatory drums in dynamic roller compaction";
Talk: 23rd European Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference, Barcelona; 2014-09-02 - 2014-09-05; in: "Proceedings of the 23rd European Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference", M. Arroyo, A. Gens (ed.); (2014), ISBN: 978-84-697-1036-4; 29 - 32.

English abstract:
Dynamic roller compaction has become the common method for near-surface compaction, because dynamic rollers are much more efficient compared to static rollers. Two types of excitation are mainly used for dynamic roller compaction, the vibratory and the oscillatory roller. In the presented study the differences in functioning, mode of operation and loading the soil are outlined for the two types of excitation. First results of large-scale in-situ tests are presented in which the vertical earth pressure, deformations and tri-axial accelerations have been measured. Moreover a new indicator for the evaluation of the slip between the surface of an oscillatory drum and soil is presented.

Soil dynamics, Compaction, Vibration, Oscillation, Ambient Vibration, Measurement

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