M. Bonta, J. Lohninger, M. Marchetti-Deschmann, A. Limbeck:
"Application of gold thin-films for internal standardization in LA-ICP-MS imaging experiments";
Analyst, 139 (2014), S. 1521 - 1531.

Kurzfassung englisch:
LA-ICP-MS imaging experiments are of growing interest within the field of biosciences. Revealing the distributions of major components as well as trace elements in biological samples can help to understand fundamental biological processes. However, highly variable sample conditions and changing instrumental parameters during measurement time aggravate reliable quantification especially in biological tissues. Normally matrix matched standards used for calibration are scarcely available and the manufacturing process thereof is rather complicated. Thus most experiments reported in the literature only delivered qualitative information on the analyte distributions. The use of appropriate internal standards facilitates the preparation of calibrations even without the utilization of matrix-matched standards. In the presented work an approach for providing reliable quantitative bio-images is proposed using gold thin-layers as an internal standard and patterns printed with commercially available inkjet printers as standards. The method development is based on copper from blue ink as the element of interest. It could be shown that gold standardization compensates instrumental drifts, matrix related ablation differences and day-to-day signal changes. Not only was the quality of the obtained images improved by gold standardization; while the relative standard deviation of the measurements was around 15% before standardization it could be decreased to less than 5% by gold standardization. Also quantitative information could be obtained for samples with unknown analyte concentrations. Depending on the used beam diameter limits of detection in the range of some hundreds ng g 1 were achieved. The presented method is a promising and easy-to-handle alternative to matrix matched standards for signal quantification.

elemental imaging, LA-ICP-MS, tissue analysis

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