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B. Hofreiter, C. Huemer:
"Special Issue on A Roadmap for Business Informatics";
in series "Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures (EMISA)", series editor: M. Reichert, K. Turowski; German Informatics Society (GI), 2014, ISSN: 1866-3621, 120 pages.

English abstract:
Special Issue on A Roadmap for Business Informatics:
In this special issue of the EMISA journal we include
seven papers, each based on a IEEE CBI
2013 keynote introducing a research domain in
Business Informatics. Evidently, these papers are
neither classical research papers nor pure surveys,
since they focus to a large extent on the "future",
i.e. the open research challenges (without
providing a solution). In the following, we define
the scope of the seven research domains and in
parentheses we name the author(s) who introduce(
s) the domain by a paper presented in this
special issue.

Business Informatics, Enterprise Modelling, Business Process, Service Innovation, Enabling Technologies

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